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Wassim Suliman

Listing Transaction Agent, Greater San Francisco Bay Area

Born in Syria, Wassim Suliman moved to Paris at the age of 4. Just 9 years later, family opportunity brought Wassim to sunny California at the age of 13. Wassim was heavily influenced by exposure to three completely different cultures, languages and cuisines; ultimately this worldly experience would greatly contribute to his future success. Wassim's first exposure to the inner workings of the restaurant world began in 1995 during high school. Wassim was fortunate to be surrounded by amazing mentors that helped him succeed and work his way up. In his 23 years of restaurant operation, Wassim picked up tremendous knowledge and experience in QSR, full service, catering, franchise and independent concepts, which led up to ownership of five restaurants at his peak, one of which he still owns today. Being exposed to the many different aspects of the industry, Wassim picked up a vast understanding in concept conversions, new construction, new opening, lease and lease assignment negotiations, compliance, remodeling, sale, acquisitions, marketing, networking, financing, bookkeeping & financial statements. Now as a member of the RRC team, Wassim's focus is to implement his knowledge of the restaurant industry together with real estate and help his clients achieve their goals.

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