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  • Restaurant Realty screens every prospective buyer for confidential sales prior to releasing any information deemed confidential by the seller.

  • To make this process smooth we highly recommend completing the full confidentiality form below including the screening questions.

  • You may be asked these questions again by phone or email to verify the accuracy and completeness of your answers.

  • We recommend elaborating on your experience, financial resources, and other qualifications rather than just a simple yes or no to avoid further screening.

  • It is necessary to complete a signed confidentiality agreement including the RRC Number(s) of interest to get the information.

  • The RRC# is our internal tracking number which will make it possible to associate your agreement with a particular listing and is required.

  • We do not have a blanket confidentiality as it is important to our sellers that each agreement is associated with a listing to track who is getting the information.

  • If you do not include the RRC Number(s) we will ask you to submit for the form again prior to releasing information.

  • If you have questions, please contact us