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First, GREAT JOB! With your help over the past few years, we’ve replaced our generic RRC image with targeted stockphotos showcasing your restaurant/bar listings! Analytics shows that these high resolution pretty images have not only beautified your listings, but are they greatly influence our search engine optimization/SEO impact. Today’s website traffic is highly receptive to images and video!

For those listings that are confidential, we do have resources for getting a hold of free (no-cost),  and royalty-free images (safe to use without licensing fees) and won’t get us fined or in trouble.

STEP 1) CHECK if image you have from owner is safe to use

I simply right clicked her image and opened in a new tab to get the URL of the image
You can get the URL of an image from Google doing the same thing.
Before you use an image from Google or anywhere online, go to, and you’ll have
the opportunity to UPLOAD the image and insert the URL of the used image to see if it’s from
Getty Images or any officially stock company. If it’s from a stock company, you can be fined
for using the image.
You have to check off “show only the results found in stock”
If it’s there, you’ll need to remove and replace with a legit image.

STEP 2: TAKE YOUR OWN pictures with your iphone or smartphone.
Make sure you are taking images that are WIDE Landscape way!

STEP 3: Get a FREE image from one of these sites!


May have to dig through but usually there’s a gem in there!


Found better choices for Frozen yogurt here. Ignore any images that have watermark and
that say sponsored images. Getty Images or Shutterstock or iShutter constantly market
on these free sites. WHY?! Because they OWN THEM!


There were no images for “Frozen Yogurt” (
however the word “Yogurt” produced 50 really nice images. Just have to be savvier with your search.