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How Restaurant Realty Has Completed Over 300 Restaurant Transactions

By in 2004 - Volume 6

How Restaurant Realty Company Has Sold Over 300 Restaurants, Bars And/Or Clubs Since 1996

Restaurant Realty Company’s success is largely a result of its commitment to performing all of the functions listed below to assure that your restaurant, bar or club will be sold in an expeditious manner on a confidential basis, if desired, and for the maximum price the market will bear.

1.  PRICING YOUR BUSINESS FOR SALE – We work closely with the seller in determining the maximum sales price for the business while considering the realistic objectives of what the buyer’s market will bear.

2.  PREPARING YOUR BUSINESS FOR SALE –  We work with the seller in gathering the following information for the prospective buyer:  A) the premises lease and any other lease documents or rental agreements regarding equipment, etc., B) the financial statements of the business including three years most recent tax returns, and the current years sales tax returns and year-to-date income and expense statement, C) a complete equipment and fixtures list of what is included with the sale, and D) a current health department inspection for the sale of the business which has a  more stringent criteria than a regular health department inspection.  We work with the seller to assure that the physical aspects of the restaurant will meet the buyer’s criteria. We also talk to the landlord in the early stages of the listing to assure that the landlord will co-operate in offering a lease that is competitive and long enough to meet the buyer’s needs.

3.  MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS FOR SALE – We prepare a unique business profile sheet for your business and feature your business through the following marketing and advertising functions:

A)  Advertisements – We advertise daily in the San Francisco Chronicle, the most powerful newspaper in Northern California, and advertise in 20 other newspapers each Sunday.

B) Mailings – We send out approximately 1,500 mailings weekly to restaurant, bar and club owners in the 8 counties (San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara) we concentrate on.  In the mailings we include our listing sheets which include your business, Restaurant Rap and a brochure regarding our services. We also do specialty mailings for unique business niches too.

C)  Website Marketing – Your business in featured on our website,, which is one of the most powerful restaurant websites available with over 250 buyers going to it daily.  We list your business on several other major websites including:,, and, etc.  We are also positioned in the top rankings on the major search engines including:  Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, Hotbot, MSN, and AOL, etc.

D) Email Broadcasts – We have over 2,500 active buyers in our data base and our data base grows with over 150 new buyers monthly and each buyer receives an email from us every two weeks regarding our new, price reduced, featured and coming soon listings.

E)  Phone Book Advertising – We are featured in 14 phone books which give us maximum Bay Area exposure.

4.  SELLING YOUR BUSINESS –  Once a buyer has signed a confidentiality agreement and is qualified and screened by our staff he/she is introduced to your business.  He/she then views your business as a customer only.  If he/she has a further interest he/she is then scheduled to have a tour of the entire business and he/she is given a package which includes the premises lease, financial statements and equipment list.  If interested he/she writes an offer and then the seller either accepts or counters his/her offer.  Once the offer is accepted we oversee the following activities:

A) the buyers approval of the physical and financial aspects of the business,

B) supervision of the entire escrow process,

C) introduction of the buyer to the landlord and agreement on the premises lease,

D) overseeing the transfer of all licenses including the ABC (the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) license,

E) assuring the buyer is approved by the health department and other required agencies,  and

F) having the inventory taken immediately before the close of escrow.

We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and in adding you to our list of hundreds of satisfied clients for whom we have successfully sold their business.

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About The Author
Steven Zimmerman, CBI, M&AMI, CBB, FIBBA

Steve is the Founder, Principal Broker and Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant Realty Company. Steve has personally sold/leased over 1,000 restaurant, bar and/or nightclub businesses and many related commercial buildings totaling 2+ million square feet of commercial space, collaborated with over 2,000 clients and completed over 3,000 valuations since 1996.His real estate experience also includes sales, acquisitions, management and ownership of numerous properties throughout California including restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, single family houses, an office building and a multi-use retail building. Steve is also the author of Restaurant Dealmaker – An Insider’s Trade Secrets for Buying a Restaurant, Bar or Club available on Amazon. Prior to starting Restaurant Realty Company Steve had over 20 years of restaurant experience and was President and Chief Executive officer of Zim’s Restaurants, which was one of the largest privately owned restaurant chains in the San Francisco Bay Area. READ FULL BIO | HIRE EXPERT WITNESS - LEARN MORE