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Jacek Rosicki – Agenda Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

By in 2007 - Volume 9

agendaJacek Rosicki came to this country from Poland in 1979 and landed in Long Island, New York. He started as a houseboy washing floors in a hotel and then moved to Hartford, Connecticut where he worked as a busboy in an Italian restaurant.  He then came to San Francisco and worked as a waiter at Alexis, Ernie’s and L’Etoille restaurants before starting to work in the real estate loan business in 1984. He eventually opened his own mortgage company which he had until 1989.

Jacek always wanted to get into the nightclub business and in 1989 he opened his first nightclub called Vortex in Palo Alto (a 10,000 square foot venue which subsequently turned into the Edge and then the Icon). Jacek also owned and operated the following businesses in his career:  Club Oasis in San Jose from 1990-1996, Mothers Teen club in San Jose from 1990-1992, Eleven Restaurant and Night Club in San Francisco from 1992 to 1996 (which Restaurant Realty sold), the B Hive night club in San Jose from 1996-1997, Zoe in San Jose from 2003-2005 (a 12,000 square foot night club), and Agenda Lounge, a 9,000 square foot restaurant with 3 nightclubs which Restaurant Realty Company recently sold.

Jacek’s continued success is a result of his hands-on approach to running his businesses and his handling of the promotional activity himself. We wish Jacek continued success in all his future endeavors.

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