This is a beautifully built out restaurant, located in the heart of a very desirable city, with patio seating, an a small bar with type 47 ABC liquor License. The owner did a complete renovation of the premises with all new equipment, including a fully equipped, well designed kitchen. The inside dining area has recessed and pendant lighting, table and bench seating that currently seats 40 with 6 at the bar, though the dining area will accommodate 49 customers, plus 8-10 on the front patio. The nicely detailed granite surfaced wood bar and mirrored bar back has quarry tiled floor surface and floor drain, with a 2-terminal POS system, ice machine, 2-door under counter fridge, 2-door kegerator with 6 beer taps, large coffee grinder, a hand sink, 3-compartment sink with speed rails and ice well chiller, and floor sink. The efficient kitchen extremely is well thought out, with quarry tiles and floor drains, and includes a 12 ft. type one hood, 8-burner + 20äó flat griddle range with two ovens, gas salamander, double fryer, a 2 drawer and 4-drawer salad prep fridge, 5 qt mixer, vacuum pack machine, large slicer, etc. There is a large 9' x 6' walk-in cooler with Metro shelves, a 1-door freezer, stainless wall shelving and stainless work tables with upper shelves, additional wire rack storage units, sheet pan roll racks, a 3-compartment sink and in-line dishwasher, a 1-compartment prep sink, hand sink and an enclosed mop sink. There is a private office with area for wine & liquor storage, a 9-camera surveillance security system, one ADA restroom, loft storage, a storage closet, and the entire premises is wheelchair accessible. The 1,454 sq. ft premises has an 8 year lease that commenced July 2015 and runs until Oct. 2023. Base rent is $3,708 + $635 CAM that includes garbage, HVAC, alarm service, etc. This listing offers start up or existing restaurant operators a fully equipped, move-in ready restaurant opportunity, a type 47 liquor license, and assumption of the desirable lease. No need to deal with a renovation or remodel, and Health and Fire Marshal codes are currently in full compliance. The current business is open only seven shifts per week. This offers a huge upside to buyers, to expand a clientele, extend days and hours, increase sales and services, and increase exposure to more diners. The existing business name, menu and recipes are not included in a sale.

General Info

  • OrganizationContact For Info
  • Established2015
  • Current Owner2015
  • EmployeesContact For Info
  • Reason For SaleOther Interests


  • Seating40 inside, 8 outside
  • Square Feet1,454
  • ParkingStreet
  • LicensesBusiness, Health, ABC Type 47
  • Open HoursTues-Sat 5p-9p


  • Rent$4,343 all inlcusive
  • ExpirationOct. 1, 20123
  • Yearly IncreaseContact For Info
  • OptionNegotiable
  • DepositContact For Info


  • Monthly Revenue$25,000
  • Monthly Cash FlowContact For Info
  • Annual Revenue$300,000
  • Annual Cash FlowContact For Info
  • PayrollContact For Info


  • Down Payment$Contact For Info
  • Note Balance$Contact For Info
  • Terms of NoteContact For Info
  • All CashContact For Info

DISCLAIMER: The above financial information was supplied by the seller and has not been verified by broker. Broker makes no representation about the accuracy or completeness of the information and does not guarantee future performance. It is the responsibility of a prospective buyer to make their own inspection of all financial and other business records, and to seek independent financial and legal counsel regarding any purchase of this business and/or real estate.