Established in 2003, this restaurant has a loyal customer base and great lease terms. Beer/wine license. While this restaurant specializes in northern Italian food, they also offer a number of classic dishes like Gnocchi Marinara and Penne Alfredo. Using use fresh ingredients, and organic whenever possible (milk, coffee, chicken, eggs, greens, and more). Also offered is a variety of items for vegetarians, vegans, and those with special dietary needs. For those on a gluten-free diet, gluten-free pasta made from brown rice flour. Dinner specials change often to reflect one of Italy's twenty glorious regions - so there's always something to look forward to! Equipment includes: 8' hood, 6' hood, Two Bev Air refrigerators (3 door & large), True cooler 3 door, freezer, tankless water heater, wine cooler, POS system, surveillance camera, sound system, Victoria Expresso Maker, Scotsman CU 50 ice maker, Baker's Pride pizza oven and much more.

General Info

  • OrganizationContact For Info
  • Established2003
  • Current Owner2003
  • Employees9 PT/2 FT
  • Reason For SaleOther Interests


  • Seating54 - can add more
  • Square Feet2000
  • ParkingStreet, back lot
  • LicensesABC license, health permit
  • Open HoursTues-Sun 5:30 P-10 P


  • Rent$4,499
  • Expiration7/2020
  • Yearly IncreaseContact For Info
  • OptionContact For Info
  • Deposit$6,000


  • Monthly Revenue$30,000
  • Monthly Cash FlowContact For Info
  • Annual Revenue$360,000
  • Annual Cash FlowContact For Info
  • Payroll$5,500


  • Down PaymentContact For Info
  • Note BalanceContact For Info
  • Terms of NoteContact For Info
  • All CashContact For Info

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