Ontario's premier nightclub, American restaurant, bar & grill featuring happy hour, dinner, cocktails and entertainment galore, including Sunday brunch!. Offering entertainment, live music, DJ, dancing and cover charges at the door. Located in a nice shopping center off the 10 freeway. Be part of this exciting chain with territorial exclusivity. $10,000 transfer fee and only 3% royalties. This is a first generation location, with an attractive buildout. Includes a main dining room, large bar area, full sound system, lighting, DJ booth and stage. Full security system, ample parking. 300 person capasity. Serving up burgers, appetizers, fresh cocktails plus beer & wine. Fully equipped kitchen. Asset sale includes all furniture, fixtures, equipment and liquor license. We will work with the landlord on your behalf to negotiate the lease terms.

General Info

  • OrganizationContact For Info
  • Established2015
  • Current Owner2015
  • Employees30
  • Reason For SaleOther Interests


  • Seating300
  • Square Feet6000
  • ParkingLarge lot
  • LicensesBusiness License, ABC License, Health Dept Permit
  • Open HoursMon-Thurs 5PM-1AM, Fri 5PM-2AM, Sat 11AM-2AM, Sun 11AM-1AM


  • Rent$10,617.30 plus triple net charges $2,000
  • Expiration2026
  • Yearly IncreaseContact For Info
  • Option2 -5 year options
  • DepositYes


  • Monthly Revenue$153,333
  • Monthly Cash Flow$18,942
  • Annual Revenue$1,839,996
  • Annual Cash Flow$227,314
  • Payroll$Contact For Info


  • Down Payment$Contact For Info
  • Note Balance$Contact For Info
  • Terms of NoteContact For Info
  • All CashContact For Info

DISCLAIMER: The above financial information was supplied by the seller and has not been verified by broker. Broker makes no representation about the accuracy or completeness of the information and does not guarantee future performance. It is the responsibility of a prospective buyer to make their own inspection of all financial and other business records, and to seek independent financial and legal counsel regarding any purchase of this business and/or real estate.

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