Established in 2015, this restaurant with a loyal customer base and hundreds of 5-star Yelp reviews with bar area has a loyal customer base and great lease terms. Beer/wine license. For more than 20 years, the chef has been the exclusive chef to Hollywood's A-List, including Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson, as well as the author of an award-winning cookbook. This restaurant specializes in authentic quality pizza - the dough is imported directly from Naples, Italy! - and offers a number of classic dishes made with fresh ingredients including appetizers, salads, and chicken wings. Equipment includes the centerpiece wood-fired pizza oven, Atosa pizza prep station, vegetable sink, Expresso machine, ice machine, meat slicer, two 6' prep tables, and much more.

General Info

  • OrganizationContact For Info
  • Established2015
  • Current Owner2015
  • Employees6 PT
  • Reason For SaleOther Interests


  • Seating50
  • Square Feet2500
  • ParkingPublic lot
  • LicensesHealth permit, ABC license
  • Open HoursTues - Sun 5 P.M. - 10 P.M


  • Rent$4,400
  • Expiration10/2021
  • Yearly IncreaseContact For Info
  • Option5 year option
  • DepositContact For Info


  • Monthly Revenue$35,000
  • Monthly Cash FlowContact For Info
  • Annual Revenue$420,000
  • Annual Cash FlowContact For Info
  • Payroll$Contact For Info


  • Down Payment$Contact For Info
  • Note Balance$Contact For Info
  • Terms of NoteContact For Info
  • All CashContact For Info

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