The possibilities are endless within this space on this prime corner in downtown Oakland. The high traffic and high visibility location at 15th and Franklin is ripe for success. The owners designed and built this space from scratch, at a substantial cost, with a unique 2 spaces in 1 layout. The Garden House restaurant thrived there for 30 years. Now the current layout is One space under One lease, that can house one tenant with 2 concepts or one tenant with subtenants to offset fixed costs. The space has two fully equipped kitchens with Type1 hoods, ample shared storage and work space. The electrical, plumbing, kitchen design, interior guest space, prep areas and equipment and assets within are top notch. A new owner could do many things within this space including: Operating two concepts within, operating one concept and subleasing the second space, running two concepts for delivery apps or choose to sublease both spaces generating a set rent revenue or a percentage rent from whatever popular concepts they sublease too. This corner and general area houses so many thriving and popular businesses such as Aburaya, Farley's Coffee & Kitchen, Senor Siseg, Gus's Famous Fried Chicken and so much more. The diversity and vibe in this neighborhood is amazing and ready for more; and this perfect space is primed to contribute even more! The owners also have a wildly popular concept in this neighborhood, and with only half the square footage as this space, they generate over 1/2million in lunch sales annually and over 1million in dinner volume, almost exclusively for takeout and third party delivery apps. There are too many ways to be successful within this space. Skip on the financial and timeline burdens of building your own space and come see this location and tour this shiny space now! Full equipment lists upon request...

General Info

  • OrganizationLLC
  • Established2019
  • Current Owner2017
  • EmployeesContact For Info
  • Reason For SaleOther Interests


  • SeatingLimited indoor 12-20 in each + sidewalk seating
  • Square Feet1,763
  • ParkingMetered Street Parking
  • LicensesContact for Info
  • Open HoursTBD


  • Rent$5,700 NNN
  • Expiration2028 plus 10yr option
  • Yearly IncreaseContact For Info
  • Option1 - 10year
  • DepositContact for Info


  • Monthly RevenueContact For Info
  • Monthly Cash FlowContact For Info
  • Annual RevenueContact For Info
  • Annual Cash FlowContact For Info
  • Payroll$Contact For Info


  • Down Payment$Contact For Info
  • Note Balance$Contact For Info
  • Terms of NoteContact For Info
  • All CashContact For Info

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