Located in a busy shopping center, Quail Ridge Shopping Center in West Covina, having a Chinese supermarket and CVS. This quick-service restaurant receives highly rated reviews from local customers. They specialize in Japanese Curry, Boba Tea, Coffee as well as other unique offerings on their menu.  It has Big Potential for Boba Shop, Yogurt, Bakery, and so on. Most customers are Chinese!!!

General Info

  • OrganizationSole Proprietorship
  • EstablishedOct. 2018
  • Current OwnerOct. 2018
  • EmployeesContact For Info
  • Reason For SaleContact For Info


  • Seating15
  • Square Feet1,200
  • ParkingAmple
  • LicensesContact for Info
  • Open Hours6days/11:00AM-5PM


  • Rent$2,698 + 550(NNN)
  • ExpirationJune. 30/2022
  • Yearly IncreaseContact For Info
  • OptionContact for Info
  • DepositContact for Info


  • Monthly Revenue$15,000
  • Monthly Cash Flow$4,000
  • Annual Revenue$180,000
  • Annual Cash Flow$48,000
  • PayrollContact For Info


  • Down PaymentContact For Info
  • Note BalanceContact For Info
  • Terms of NoteContact For Info
  • All CashContact For Info

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