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Meet Quinn McKenna of Byte Kitchen – Restaurateur of the Quarter

By in 2022 - Volume 24

Meet our latest RESTAURATEUR OF THE QUARTER: Quinn McKenna, co-founder and COO of Byte Kitchen

Steve Zimmerman has the pleasure of knowing Quinn Mc Kenna, a well-known restaurateur, for many years – since his restaurant operating years many years ago. Quinn has an in-depth background in restaurant operations, management and startups for over 40 years.

Quinn’s most recent project is called Byte Kitchen.  There he serves as co-founder and COO. We recently sold a closed restaurant in San Carlos to his company for a new Byte operation.

Byte Kitchen’s mission is to be a hub where the community can find their favorite restaurants by partnering with them to create a sustainable business to keep their food available, fresh and close-by. By partnering with the restaurants, Byte’s team is able to stay away from the impersonal, out-of-touch approach seen by other companies and instead they work together with their partners which currently include The Melt, Oron’s Hummus, The Little Chihuahua, Kasa Indian Eatery, Asian Box, East Side Bahn Mi, The Pastry Cupboard and Humphry Slocombe. Byte Kitchen brings food anywhere from ten miles away to thousands of miles away, right to their customers’ front doors, all while preserving the quality and taste that matches their expectations.

Prior to co-founding the Byte Kitchen Quinn was involved in numerous other food service ventures some of which include as follows: 1) Founder of Queue Consulting which advises restaurant in all phases of operations, 2) Senior Director of Operations for Tastes on The Fly which oversees food service operations in many airports throughout the country, 3) Executive Director of Operations for China Live Ventures in San Francisco, and 4) Senior Vice President of Operations for Lark Creek Restaurants. Quinn has also been a Director of the California Restaurant Association for 9 years.
Quinn told me that he loves the hospitality community and in meeting great people from all ways of life. He feels this industry provides great upward mobility for people as a person starting as a hard-working dishwasher can become a leader and business owner. Quinn feels that the more someone puts into the industry the more someone will get out of the industry which I think is true of many other aspects of life.

RRC wishes Quinn continued success in his new venture and in all of his future endeavors throughout his life.

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