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Broker Referrals


We pay a 20% referral fee on the sellers side of the commission to anyone that refers a new seller.

We have worked with many residential, commercial and business brokers that do not have experience in selling restaurants, bars and clubs, but have formed great relationships with business owners and landlords and may be able to generate listings.

Restaurant Realty Company will pay a 20% referral fee to brokers that refer new seller clients to us on the selling side of the commission.

Please either complete the below form or contact Gail Lafayette directly to request the form!

We pay a 20% referral fee on the sellers side of the commission to anyone that refers a new seller. New seller client means the seller has not used us before to buy or sell a restaurant, and has not contacted us prior to the referral for an evaluation.

Referral fees are only paid if and when a deal is completed and based on the amount that Restaurant Realty receives on the transaction.

We will not pay a referral fee if we have worked with the seller before on any deal even if you have refreshed their memory about us.

A referral is not considered a referral unless you have received a signed referral agreement from us acknowledging you have referred the client and we agree to pay the 20% of Restaurant Realty’s Commission on the sellers side of the commission on a completed deal.


Now celebrating our 28th year, Restaurant Realty Company® has a successful track record helping over 3,200 clients in completing over $1,000,000,000 (billion) of Business and Real Estate Transactions including the following: Selling/leasing over 1,600 restaurant, bar and/or nightclub businesses, Selling over 70 related commercial buildings, Leasing over 3 Million square feet of commercial space and Completing over 5,000 valuations. The majority of our staff have either owned and/or managed restaurants. Our deep experience as operators means we understand your business from the inside out.
Restaurant Realty has Closed Escrow and/or Leased 325+ Deals since Covid!