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Restaurant Realty Buyers Inventory

Restaurant Realty Company has registered and qualified tens of thousands of California buyers since 1996 which represents billions of dollars of cash available to invest. These buyers who responded to us have all completed a buyer questionnaire and have told us the following:

  1. the California Regions of interest
  2. the Northern California Counties of interest
  3. the Southern California Counties of Interest
  4. the kind of listings they are seeking
  5. the amount of cash they have to invest
  6. the amount of square footage they need

We send out email updates every two weeks to our active prospects to notify them of our new, featured, price reduced and coming soon listings. Below find results from 2013 to 2015.

1. California Region of Interest



2. Northern California Regions of Interest



3. Southern California Counties of Interest


4. Business Types of Interest


5. Cash Available to Invest


6. Square Feet Required