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Restaurant Realty Company is pleased to report the sale of Ristorante Avanti in Santa Cruz, California. The restaurant for sale was marketed by Restaurant Realty Company and the transaction was completed in December 2018. The terms of the transaction are confidential.


Jonathan Glass has worked in the restaurant industry in Santa Cruz since 1994 including six years as executive chef of a downtown restaurant, working closely with the general managers and owner in establishing and overseeing overall restaurant operation, and nine years of experience in management of the kitchen of the Crow’s Nest, the highest grossing restaurant on the Monterey Bay. Duties at this 500 seat restaurant included hiring and training a kitchen staff of 45 employees, purchasing, menu development, budget development and adherence, and assisting in development and enforcement of general restaurant policy for approximately 200 employees including attendance of weekly general management meetings. Additionally, Jonathan Glass owned and operated a juice and sandwich business in downtown Santa Cruz. Mr. Glass gained valuable experience in direct customer service and performed all necessary steps of business formation and operation from acquiring permits, to lease negotiation, to accounting, etc.

Tatiana Glass is also experienced in the restaurant industry having worked in several successful Santa Cruz area restaurants in service positions. Furthermore, she has received a degree in graphic design and is skilled in print media layout and production (such as for menus and advertisements), web design and maintenance, and social media marketing.

Jonathan and Tatiana Glass have also owned and operated a retail shoe company in Santa Cruz with two locations since 2003. The owners, after forming the business from the ground up, have a proven track record in running a successful business over 15 years and are in tune with the local customer base and their tastes. The owners are also well connected to and creative in reaching various client pools.

If you are interested in buying or selling a restaurant in Santa Cruz or leasing a restaurant space in Santa Cruz or anywhere else in California, please contact Restaurant Realty Company. Restaurant Realty specializes exclusively in the sales, acquisitions and leasing of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Our listings include restaurant real estate, restaurant related businesses for sale, restaurant franchises for sale, and restaurant space for lease.

If you are ready to start packaging your restaurant, bar or club for a successful sale like the former owners of Ristorante Avanti, give us a call!


SANTA CRUZ — Jonathan and Tatiana Glass, long-time local business owners will be taking over ownership of Ristorante Avanti in mid-December. They say they will continue to source all of their ingredients from the same local dairy, farms and ranches and that there will be no interruption of service. There is also not expected to be a change in staff or the menu.

Current owners Paul and Cindy Geise will be working closely with Jonathan and Tatiana to make a smooth transition. Ristorante Avanti is located at 1917 Mission St.  READ MORE


November 13, 2018 – After 31 years in business, Cindy and Paul Geise—owners of beloved Ristorante Avanti in Santa Cruz—have sold the restaurant to chef Jonathan Glass. The sale was set in motion about two months ago and closed last week, surprising legions of long-time customers.

“I’ve spent more than half my life behind bars here,” jokes Paul. “You’ve gotta retire at some point, that’s basically it. ”



Thirty years of business success is a milestone by any reckoning. But to have that kind of track record in the restaurant business—through recent decades of economic ups and downs—is downright awesome. So congratulations and thanks to Paul and Cindy Geise, who have put three decades of heart, labor and talent into their enduring Westside landmark, Ristorante Avanti (whose name means onward in Italian).

“We opened on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving,” Paul recalls. “We bought Papa Joe’s Deli on Mission Street and spent a month remodeling it.” When they started up, the young couple was focused on experimenting with Italian food and wine.

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