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Joint Representation for Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

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We acknowledge there are residential, commercial and business brokers out there that do not have experience in selling restaurants, bars and clubs but have formed great relationships with business owners and landlords and may be able to generate listings. Often times it take a little extra coaxing to get a listing so by telling your client you will jointly represent with Restaurant Realty Company could push them over the edge.

Restaurant Realty Company will jointly represent both restaurant businesses for sale and restaurant spaces for lease that are priced right on a 50/50 basis on most deals with commercial and business brokers. Typically with residential brokers we will only work on a referral basis although we will make exceptions in circumstances we feel are warranted with a split in Restaurant Realty’s favor of 70/30 basis as we tend to do the majority of the work on deals co-list.

In order for us to put the listing through our marketing system, we must sign and receive a signed agreement acknowledging that we are jointly representing a listing.