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SOLD – Gepettos Pizza with Real Estate, Burney, Shasta County

By in 2023 - Volume 25

Burney | Shasta County

Jim Pate, Certified Business Broker and Listing Transaction Agent for Restaurant Realty, represented both the buyer and the seller in this business and real estate transaction.

“It feels terrific to help a restaurant owner that has devoted a lifetime of service to his community retire and spend more time with loved ones, travel, and take in more of life’s rewards he is entitled to.”

With Jim Pate’s expertise and resources, the perfect opportunity emerged. A strategic move to secure SBA pre-approval paved the way for a remarkable deal that brought together both the business and the real estate. Buyers now had the chance to step into this thriving operation with just a 10% down payment and a favorable 25-year repayment term. The SBA loan structure allowed for manageable payments while ensuring the new owner’s financial well-being.

🏠 Passing the Torch: A Tale of 32 Years

Gepetto’s Pizzeria has been more than a place to grab a slice for over three decades – it’s been a gathering spot for families, friends, and pizza enthusiasts alike. After an impressive 32-year journey, Robert Moore, the former owner, decided it was time to pass on the legacy he lovingly built. Robert approached Jim Pate, seeking a buyer who would continue the restaurant’s success and appreciate the value of the real estate it occupied.

🍕 A Legacy Continues

The story of Gepetto’s Pizzeria is far from over; it’s simply turning a new page. Under Rajeev Vasudeva’s watchful eye, the cherished recipes, warm ambiance, and community spirit that define Gepetto’s will remain intact. As Rajeev steps into his role as the new owner, he carries with him the responsibility of upholding the traditions that have made Gepetto’s a beloved destination.

After 32 years of serving delicious slices, Gepetto’s Pizzeria now embraces a future with fresh opportunities and continued success. The sale of this iconic Pizzeria, signifies more than a business transaction; it celebrates heritage, dedication, and the bright prospects ahead.

To future patrons and pizza lovers alike, Gepetto’s Pizzeria is a testament to the power of good food, great company, and a legacy that endures. As the ovens keep baking and the doors stay open, the story of Gepetto’s Pizzeria will continue to unfold, one slice at a time.

A Resounding Thank You

As this chapter closes, Jim Pate and the entire team at Restaurant Realty extend a heartfelt appreciation to both Robert Moore and Rajeev Vasudeva for their pivotal roles in this successful transition. The sale of Gepetto’s Pizza represents not just a business transaction but a continuation of a tradition that brings joy, flavor, and smiles to the faces of locals and visitors alike.

May this new chapter in Gepettos Pizza’s journey be filled with prosperity, joy, and continued growth, as the shop continues to bring smiles to the faces of locals and visitors alike. Burney’s long-established pizza destination looks bright under Rajeev’s ownership.

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