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SOLD – Iconic Napa Establishment, Norman Rose Tavern

By in 2023 - Volume 25

Iconic Napa Establishment
Norman Rose Tavern

Napa Valley’s renowned Norman Rose Tavern, a beloved neighborhood pub known for its relaxed vibe, American eats, and microbrews, has recently changed hands.

Jim Pate, Certified Business Broker and listing transaction agent for Restaurant Realty Company, successfully facilitated the sale, representing both buyer and seller, leaving patrons and locals excited about the next chapter in the tavern’s history.

The previous owners, Christina Rivera and Michael Gyetvan, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all the patrons who have supported the tavern. Their dedication has created a special place in the hearts of many who have enjoyed the food, drinks, and warm hospitality provided at the Norman Rose Tavern.

Michael and Christina are passing the torch to the new owners, Vladimir and Dinara Garris. There is a sense of anticipation for the continued excellence offered at the Norman Rose Tavern. Building upon the foundation laid by the previous owners, Vladimir and Dinara Garris are determined to provide unforgettable experiences, delectable cuisine, and exceptional hospitality to all who step through the tavern’s doors.

The Norman Rose Tavern has garnered a reputation for its delicious food, and patrons have praised the quality of the menu offerings. From mouthwatering salads to flavorful burgers and fries, the tavern has consistently delivered on its promise of satisfying American cuisine. The variety of options and attention to detail in each dish contribute to a memorable dining experience.

Additionally, the tavern has been recognized for its ability to host private events and celebrations. Patrons have recommended it as a perfect venue for gatherings, such as company parties, due to its private event room accommodating atmosphere and excellent service. The staff at Norman Rose Tavern, known for their courteous and prompt service, ensures that guests feel welcomed and taken care of throughout their visit.

As the Norman Rose Tavern enters this new phase, patrons can expect the same delightful experience that has made it a beloved institution. The new owners, Vladimir and Dinara Garris, uphold the tavern’s traditions while infusing their unique touches into the establishment. With their passion for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, the Norman Rose Tavern will continue to be a gathering place for friends, families, and the Napa community.

In conclusion, the change in ownership of the Norman Rose Tavern heralds an exhilarating new era for this iconic Napa establishment. On behalf of Jim Pate and the entire team at Restaurant Realty, we extend our heartfelt wishes to Vladimir and Dinara Garris for many years of continued success.

May their vision and dedication carry forward the legacy of this beloved venue and elevate it to new heights in the vibrant Napa restaurant scene.

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