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SOLD – Suhko Thai, Oakland

By in 2022 - Volume 24

Suhko Thai, Oakland

Suhko Thai’s Authenticity will Carry On With New Owners
Since 2013, loyal customers have filled the authentic Thai and Vegetarian restaurant called Suhko Thai.

Patrons and the restaurant’s team have always felt the warmth and hospitality of the Thai owner, Ann Subsuvan. Ann hails from Bangkok, and later moving stateside. She immersed herself in the Thai community in the Bay Area and her and her sister have been involved in many restaurant projects.

In 2012, she took over a cute corner location on College Avenue in the acclaimed Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland. She opened the amazingly authentic Suhko Thai in 2013 and quickly won over the neighborhood and Bay Area diners. She staffed the business with many Thai employees and chefs to add to its allure.

In 2021, Ann started moving towards her goal of retirement and moving back to Thailand. She retained Restaurant Realty Company, and was paired with area specialist, Andy Mirabell.

Within a short time, Andy located an interested buyer party. This husband and husband duo couldn’t be a better fit. Ryan hails from New York with a business background. His partner Khonesavanh AKA “Jack” is from Thailand and has a hospitality background. Over the past two years the duo tried to locate and purchase an existing Thai restaurant. Their search left them with much disappoint, wasted time and money. They hit roadblocks with other agents, landlords and more. Thankfully, Ryan and Jack reached out to Andy, the listing agent for Suhko Thai. Together we waded through the purchase process which also had some hurdles. Nonetheless, the deal was made with Ann and these new owners were warmly welcomed by building owner, Jeff Kroot. On April 15th, 2022, they ran their first Friday night shift, at their restaurant, Suhko Thai.

RRC wishes best wishes to Ann for her well-deserved retirement and to Ryan and Jack for continued success at this well know business.

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