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Issue 2

Restaurant Realty Company’s Comprehensive Services Equals Successful Results for Our Clients – Part 2

By in 2009 - Volume 11

This is a continuation of our most recent article on how Restaurant Realty Company’s services result in taking excellent care of our clients.  Some of the additional services Restaurant Realty provides are discussed below. My many years as a restaurant chain owner, my current status as a restaurant landlord and the nearly 700 restaurant, bar […]

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The Key Ingredients of a Successful Restaurant, Bar or Night Club from a Customer’s & Buyer’s Perspective

By in 2008 - Volume 10

From my many years experience in owning, operating and selling many restaurants, bars and nightclubs the points that set a successful operation apart from its competitors are an operator’s commitment to consistently upholding the following standards: 1) serving quality food and beverages, 2) providing good service, 3) maintaining a clean environment and keeping all of […]

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Suzanne Brangham Of General’s Daughter, Ramekins & MacArthur Place

By in 2005 - Volume 7

Restaurant Realty recently had the pleasure of working with Suzanne Brangham and completing the sale of a 19th century Victorian, The General’s Daughter Restaurant and real estate in Sonoma. Suzanne Brangham, the former owner, has held many successful careers from teacher to advertising, to interior designer, to best selling author, to renovator of 70 properties […]

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