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What to Look For Before Signing a Restaurant Lease

By in 2016 - Volume 18 with 0 Comments

What to Look For Before Signing a Restaurant Lease By Tessa Love Apr 18, 2016 When scouting real estate to open a new restaurant, there’s a lot more to think about than the price of rent. Hidden costs and bad deals abound. At the recent Golden Gate Restaurant Association conference, Zach Georgopoulos, attorney at Georgopoulos & Economidis, restauranteur […]

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How Buyers Evaluate a Restaurant, Bar or Club Business to Determine if it’s the Right Opportunity – Part 3

By in 2012 - Volume 14 with 0 Comments

This is the last of a three part series where I discuss a continuation of lease terms from the prior issue. This issue will include some of the major elements of the lease which include as follows: 1. The Guarantor, 2. Use Clause, 3. Assignment and Subletting and 4. Options. The Guarantor . What is […]

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How Buyers Evaluate a Restaurant, Bar or Club Business to Determine if it is the Right Opportunity – Part 2

By in 2012 - Volume 14 with 0 Comments

The three primary areas buyers focus in on in doing their analysis to determine if the restaurant, bar or club opportunity it the right one for them is as follows: a. Price Valuation, b. Location Overview and c. Lease Terms. In the most recent article I discussed Price Valuation and Location Overview and in this […]

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How to Overcome The Most Common Obstacles in Dealing With the Landlord

By in 2007 - Volume 9 with 0 Comments

From my current experience in negotiating over 1,000 restaurant, bar and/or club leases, my former experience as a restaurant owner negotiating many leases for myself, and my current role as a landlord of restaurant space, I am very sensitive to the needs of the landlord in qualifying a prospective new tenant. The major reason deals […]

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Dealing With The Most Common Problems That Come Up During A Sale to Insure a Closed Escrow

By in 2005 - Volume 7 with 0 Comments

There are many problems which can occur during the sales process and having closed over 400 escrows Restaurant Realty has experienced many of these problems. This discussion is to prepare the seller on how to take a proactive approach in dealing with some of the most common problems that occur during the sales process to […]

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How to Negotiate a Good Tenant’s Lease & How to Renew a Lease on Favorable Terms for the Tenant

By in 2000 - Volume 2 with 0 Comments

Here are the things a tenant needs in negotiating a good tenant’s lease: 1. A knowledge of the market rents for comparable restaurant space which can be obtained from a real estate broker. 2. A viable concept that will motivate the landlord to lease to the tenant. 3. A business plan that includes the following: […]

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