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How Buyers Evaluate a Restaurant, Bar or Club Business to Determine if it is the Right Opportunity – Part 2

By in 2012 - Volume 14

The three primary areas buyers focus in on in doing their analysis to determine if the restaurant, bar or club opportunity it the right one for them is as follows: a. Price Valuation, b. Location Overview and c. Lease Terms. In the most recent article I discussed Price Valuation and Location Overview and in this […]

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Converting Problems Into Opportunities – Taking a Troubled Business and Turning it Into a Successful Business

By in 2008 - Volume 10

In these challenging economic times we see a number of successful operators capitalizing on other operators problems and turning these problems into opportunities. There are a number of operators that are in trouble as they are losing money, have had their credit maxed out and are not capable of paying their bills. There are a […]

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