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Basic Requirements for a Good Restaurant, Bar Or Club Business Purchase

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The basic requirements for a good restaurant, bar or club business purchase are detailed below and include the following:  1)  a long term lease with a strong tenant landlord relationship, 2) purchasing the business at a reasonable price and not overpaying for the business, 3) choosing a strong location, and 4) locating in a market [...]

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Reasons Why Baby Boomers Should Sell or Buy a Restaurant

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For over 20 years, Restaurant Realty Company has SOLD over 1,000 restaurants, bars and clubs. Most of our agents and brokers are former restaurant operators, managers, owners or sellers of hospitality industry properties and have extensive experience in selling restaurants/bars. We are true specialists as our sole niche is successful representation and sales of restaurants, [...]

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What is the Economic Outlook for the Restaurant Industry in California in 2018

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After reading various restaurant publications, articles and economic forecast reports discussing the state of the restaurant industry, I created an executive summary that distills relevant information for those looking for a 2018-focused economic outlook for the restaurant industry in California. General economic facts In high occupancy cost areas such as the San Francisco Bay area, including […]

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Restaurant Realty Launches Its New State Of The Art Website

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RESTAURANT REALTY LAUNCHES ITS NEW STATE OF THE ART WEBSITE   Restaurant Realty Company is proud to unveil new cutting-edge, dynamic website raising the profile of our listings and organization’s brand. Some of the new features include: (a) Searching listings by more specific business types and a broader choice of geographical areas; (b) Viewing agent/broker individual listings;  (c) Accessibility […]

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The Market for Buying and Selling Restaurants, Bars and Clubs for 2017

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2017 is starting out to be another busy year for Restaurant Realty.  We are seeing more activity from sellers who are in high rent and high wage increase areas as sellers are finding they can’t increase their menu prices to offset their increased costs so consequently profit margins are being reduced and/or eliminated. Additionally we are […]

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Restaurant Realty’s Use of Targeted Email Blasts Results in More Closed Deals

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For several months we have been using our extensive data base of over 40,000 buyers and lessees to close more deals.  We compile from our data base a custom list of perspective buyers who are existing restaurant, bar and/or club operators based on their acquisition criteria and we then email them the information regarding the specific deal in a […]

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