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Restaurant Rap

The 10 Essential Principles a Buyer Needs to Know in Purchasing a Food and/or Beverage Business

By in 2023 - Volume 25

In the next several episodes of The Restaurant Dealmaker Show,  Steve will be discussing the 10 essential principles a buyer needs to know in purchasing a food and/or beverage business as discussed briefly below. Please REGISTER HERE for our upcoming Restaurant Dealmaker show to hear an in-depth review of the items indicated below. Thu August 24th […]

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Who are today’s buyers and sellers in 2022

By in 2022 - Volume 24

Profiles of Current Buyers and Sellers in Transactions Resulting in the Sale and/or Lease of a  Restaurant, Bar, Other Food Service Business and/or Related Commercial Building completed in 2022 We thought it is important to review the profiles of some of the 2022 buyers and sellers we have completed transactions with to better understand the [...]

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Food and Beverage Businesses that have SOLD in 2019

By in In The News

Food and Beverage Businesses that have SOLD in 2019 The landscape for selling restaurants, bars and clubs continues to become more challenging in California due to the high costs of doing business in the state. Spiraling minimum wage and other payroll costs, the continued rise of occupancy costs and other operating costs including utilities, insurance, food [...]

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Reasons Why Baby Boomers Should Sell or Buy a Restaurant

By in Restaurant Rap

For over 20 years, Restaurant Realty Company has SOLD over 1,000 restaurants, bars and clubs. Most of our agents and brokers are former restaurant operators, managers, owners or sellers of hospitality industry properties and have extensive experience in selling restaurants/bars. We are true specialists as our sole niche is successful representation and sales of restaurants, [...]

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What is the Economic Outlook for the Restaurant Industry in California in 2018

By in 2018 - Volume 20

After reading various restaurant publications, articles and economic forecast reports discussing the state of the restaurant industry, I created an executive summary that distills relevant information for those looking for a 2018-focused economic outlook for the restaurant industry in California. General economic facts In high occupancy cost areas such as the San Francisco Bay area, including […]

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Restaurant Realty Launches Its New State Of The Art Website

By in 2017 - Volume 19

RESTAURANT REALTY LAUNCHES ITS NEW STATE OF THE ART WEBSITE   Restaurant Realty Company is proud to unveil new cutting-edge, dynamic website raising the profile of our listings and organization’s brand. Some of the new features include: (a) Searching listings by more specific business types and a broader choice of geographical areas; (b) Viewing agent/broker individual listings;  (c) Accessibility […]

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