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The Restaurant Dealmaker Show

By in 2021 - Volume 23

The Restaurant Dealmaker Show
Hosted by Steve Zimmerman
featuring Keith Simpson

Join restaurant industry veteran Steve Zimmerman in the new launch of The Restaurant Dealmaker Show featuring restaurant owners, managers, investors and high profile industry clientele.

Steve Zimmerman, Principal Broker and Founder of Restaurant Realty, will be joined by a co-host on a rotating basis in a fireside 1-on-1 coffee shop conversation sharing their restaurant deal making experiences, success stories, obstacles, challenges, and hilarious moments.

Sign up for our first show on Thursday,  January 20, 2022 at 11:30am PST featuring industry leader Keith Simpson with his charming British accent and a war chest of stories including celebrities, rockstars and more.

Keith is a former Managing Director of a large catering company that managed prestigious events for the British Royal family and their dignitaries for over 10 years. Keith is a former host of an 8-episode series for the Food Network Channel called ‘Buy This Restaurant’.

About Restaurant Realty

Now celebrating our 26th year, Restaurant Realty Company® has a successful track record helping over 2,800 clients in completing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Business and Real Estate Transactions including the following: Selling/leasing over 1,400 restaurant, bar and/or nightclub businesses, Selling over 50 related commercial buildings,  Leasing over 2.8 Million square feet of commercial space and Completing over 4,500 valuations. The majority of our staff have either owned and/or managed restaurants. Our deep experience as operators means we understand your business from the inside out. Restaurant Realty has Closed Escrow and/or Leased 160+ Deals during Covid! For more information, please visit


On Thursday, January 20, 2022, Restaurant Realty proudly kicks off our monthly Restaurant Dealmaker Show via Zoom Webinar, and later broadcast on Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

The show will be hosted by Steve Zimmerman, the Principal Broker and Founder of Restaurant Realty, and co-hosted on a rotating basis who will be some of Restaurant Realty’s most experienced agents. Periodically, we will be joined with guest participants, including past and current clients, attorneys, lenders and other restaurant related guests.

Through sharing veteran industry expert storytelling, Restaurant Realty desires to help restaurant owners, restaurant buyers, restaurant sellers, restaurant vendors, restaurant landlords, accountants, attorneys, real estate brokers, business brokers and residential and commercial brokers who are interested to learn about the restaurant industry. Given our 26 year span in business, we anticipate some of our 2,800 + clients that we have completed transactions with will undoubtedly attend as well.

The goal of The Restaurant Dealmaker Show is to share our over 26 years of restaurant deal making experience so you can be better prepared to make the right purchase and minimize your risk while enhancing your chances for a successful business purchase.  Much of our content will include discussion of past and current deals which we refer to as war stories.  Over the years Steve has taken many courses in business brokerage and the most meaningful part of these courses was hearing the war stories told by the instructors and class participants about the deals they were involved with as there is no better way to learn then from first-hand experience.  At Restaurant Realty we have completed over 1,400 restaurant, bar, club and/or related commercial building transactions so needless to say we have plenty of war stories we look forward to sharing with you.

Initially inspired by the most popular content of our website via website visitor traffic
and Steve’s book titled The Restaurant Dealmaker – An Insiders Trade Secrets for Buying a Restaurant, Bar or Club, The Restaurant Dealmaker Show will include some of these topics in our discussions throughout the coming months:  

  1. Reasons for going into the restaurant business
  2. How much money do you need to open and operate a restaurant, bar and/or club?
  3. How buyers evaluate a restaurant/bar business to determine if it is the right opportunity.
  4. Methods for raising money for a restaurant, bar and/or club acquisition.
  5. The buyers three stage checklist.
  6. How the Landlord makes/breaks a deal and the requirements for a good tenant’s lease.
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of buying an existing restaurant versus developing a restaurant from scratch
  8. What is the outlook for the California restaurant and bar industry after the Pandemic?
  9. Red flags to look for in reviewing a lease and in dealing with the Landlord’s gotchas along with suggested solutions
  10. Why you need to work with a Restaurant Dealmaker to buy or sell a restaurant, bar, club and/or related commercial building
  11. Basic requirements for a good restaurant, bar and/or club business purchase.
  12. Don’t wait to sell until it’s too late.
  13. The restaurant sales process.
  14. Why Seller’s sell?
  15. The Buyer’s due diligence process
  16. How Buyer’s evaluate a restaurant, bar and/or club business to determine if it’s the right opportunity.
  17. Qualifications needed to purchase a restaurant, bar and/or club.
  18. What are you buying when you purchase a restaurant, bar and/or club?
  19. Things you need to know before you purchase a restaurant, bar and/or club.
  20. How to overcome the most common obstacles in dealing with the Landlord.
  21. The major factors in selecting a strong restaurant location.
  22. The eight-step selling process
  23. How to negotiate a good tenant’s lease and how to renew a lease on favorable terms for the tenant.
  24. Major considerations in deciding to sell your restaurant, bar and/or club.
  25. How to find a good restaurant site

We look forward to presenting the Restaurant Dealmaker show and in discussing relevant topics that our listeners will learn from to enhance their chances for a successful restaurant career. 

Steven Zimmerman

Steve is the Founder, Principal Broker and Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant Realty Company. Steve has personally sold/leased over 1,000 restaurant, bar and/or nightclub businesses and many related commercial buildings totaling 2+ million square feet of commercial space, collaborated with over 2,000 clients and completed over 3,000 valuations since 1996.His real estate experience also includes sales, acquisitions, management and ownership of numerous properties throughout California including restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, single family houses, an office building and a multi-use retail building. Steve is also the author of Restaurant Dealmaker – An Insider’s Trade Secrets for Buying a Restaurant, Bar or Club available on Amazon.

Prior to starting Restaurant Realty Company Steve had over 20 years of restaurant experience and was President and Chief Executive officer of Zim’s Restaurants, which was one of the largest privately owned restaurant chains in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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